Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Healer's Touch by Lori Copeland

I never win anything! Well, maybe I have a couple of times. But it came as a complete surprise to me when Ellie contacted me that I had won this book. I really liked the story and gave it 5 Stars. Lori explains in the beginning of the book that there is a local legend in rural Missouri about a floating light. A bit like an Irish tale. She used that to great advantage in the story!

My review:
Lyric Bolton is a lonely young woman. Living on a farm in 1887 rural Missouri and ostracized because of her mother's behavior,  she yet tends to her mother's illness and raises her little sister.  She's waiting for the day when she can leave and take her little sister away.
U.S. Marshall Ian Cawley is after his man, ruthlessly pursuing on his high spirited horse Norman. That is until a local legend gets involved, and Norman crashes through Lyric's barn.  Ian might be just the thing she needs - if he lives.  Can she trust that he won't reject her like the townspeople have?
This is a lovely story of God-loving people getting to know each other and struggling through life, trying to follow His guidelines - the rural setting and local legend enhancing the tale.  Very well written, Lori Copeland brings these poignant characters to life and leaves a tender impression on your heart.

I received the book from Ellie Whyte at Soul Inspirationz. Follow her blog and enter to win books to read!  Blog  
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