Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Light In The Wilderness by Jane Kirkpatrick


Have you read any of Jane Kirkpatrick's books? If not, it's a must! Based on historical facts, this book takes place in the early 1800's and involves a wagon train from Missouri to Oregon, where they settle. Letitia is a woman of color who has been freed. But that doesn't mean her life is easy - no, not at all.  She connects with Davey Carson, an Irish immigrant who has been kind to her.  They secretly get married, even though it is forbidden, and travel together to a new life.

Being free doesn't make Letitia equal. Being a woman doesn't either.  As the author says, safety is a state of mind, a matter of faith. Typical of Jane's books, this story is about a woman who is strong and courageous, living and surviving with God's love, sharing that light with others around her. Oregon's laws are off again, on again regarding slavery,  citizenship and basic rights for people of color.  Few people accept Letitia, but the few that do are tightly bound with her.  Constant uncertainty, difficult and trying situations face Letitia all through the story, but she continues to grow and improve other's lives as well.  With and without a man's help. This story enriches our lives with lessons as valuable now as they were back then.

I was given this book in return for my honest review.

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