Thursday, November 8, 2018

Wingless by Heather Trim
Imagination Candy
Enter a rich world that includes a civilization that lives on a floating rock in the sky, supported by another that lives on the ground. Did I mention that those on the floating world have wings? Only the wingless live on the "earth". What if they're all the same people, simply separated over time? There must be more interesting history there to be revealed in good time.

Let's focus on two brothers, who in the last book flew up to the floating world (Ellery) with their friends to investigate where the winged people had gone. They were simply missing - there wasn't anyone on the island. As they explore this new world, they learn about each other and struggle to mature. But grow they must, and learn to go after what they believe in.  One brother is actually a wingless Ellerian who had been rejected at birth, something he recently found out, and has a bigger stake in finding the winged people - discovering his birth family. As the expression goes, nothing is easy. But the adventure is enthralling. If you're like me, be prepared to hold your breath a lot as each part of the story unfolds. Maybe it should be called "breathless"! I love, love, love this series and can't wait for the story to continue.

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Description from the Publisher:
“I must get home before someone else I love dies.”
Imprisoned on a floating island, four wingless friends need to get home before an assassin strikes at the heart of Balfour. Facing the dangers of the land and sky, young Ledger must help them escape and lead them home.
But his adopted brother, Tolliver, won’t leave just yet. He is dead set on finding his winged family, the ones who threw him away at birth. Will they accept him or execute him? Either way, Tolliver intends to try.
Award-winning author Heather Trim’s limitless imagination takes flight once more, where your most daunting limitation can be your greatest weapon.

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