Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah E. Ladd

Christian Historical Romance with danger, suspense and betrayal. Oh my what a good book. This is one that you read every word, taking your time and still finish in two days. I really enjoy Sarah's writing style. Each scene and character is fully dimensional and you're right there. I'm not sure if this is being released around Father's Day on purpose, but this story is nearly as much about the fathers as it is about their children.  I believe that parents' love - or withholding of their love - strongly influences the lives of their children.

Camille and her father run the Curiosity Shop in London, selling all kinds of treasures. She runs the shop and handles the books while he scouts for things to sell. Her mother left for Portugal years before and didn't return.  So Camille pretty much has taken care of herself and business for years without much attention from either parent. But then someone steals a precious ruby from Jonathan's father - a ruby that he had purchased from Camille's father. And it looks like her father could be the one who stole it. Both families are balancing on financial ruin and looking at the ruby to restore their fortunes.

Jonathan and a friend of the family (who is a private investigator) go to the shop in London just as Camille is being overwhelmed by thieves.  Camille and Jonathan have more in common than they think. Not having a loving relationship with their fathers is at the top of the list. Camille's story is an excellent example of a self reliant, strong woman starting over with courage and a good attitude after the total collapse of her family.  Jonathan's is about following your convictions without the support of your family even when they don't approve.  Since they have to, both discover that they can make it on their own. I didn't find much of a Christian influence in the book though. I loved the cover and find the time period to be quite interesting. The author skillfully takes you there.This is a (A Treasures of Surrey Novel) and the first one. I'm looking forward to reading more - hated to see this one end.

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