Saturday, June 13, 2015

London Tides by Carla Laureano

I loved the cover and the quick review and was eager to read it. This was the second book in the series, but I didn't know it until just now. It works as a stand alone but I think it would have been a better experience to have read book one first. It's a Christian romance, but if you're a strict Christian you may not appreciate the references to when the characters had slept with others (although in this story they do not sleep together). It turned me off.

Grace and Ian have a past - in fact Grace left Ian just before their wedding. She's an Irish girl who's a photographer in war-torn and poverty stricken areas, so she has PTSD. But she's come back to London to see Ian and her best friend, and has an exciting new job offer.

Ian never talked her down after she left, but has not found anyone else. He's not quite sure he can trust Grace not to leave him again though.

This is a steamy off again, on again relationship. I felt that it was very interesting, but in the third quarter I was ready for everyone to make a decision and stick with it - sick of Grace's issues. I actually got to the point where I was going yada yada yada and skipping over paragraphs. I wonder if that happens all too much in the lives of those who have PTSD? I consider myself compassionate, but I just didn't want it dragged out anymore. Maybe that was the point you were supposed to get and it was pretty realistic. I didn't make a personal connection with the characters, so I didn't feel for them. That being said, in the end everything was wrapped up beautifully with a wonderful Christian lesson.

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