Monday, July 4, 2016

Anchor in the Storm (Waves Of Freedom) by Sarah Sundin

Christian historical romance, murder and mystery, with characters you'll love.

I've read a lot of series, and I've dearly loved many. But this is the first time as I read the first few paragraphs that I instantly knew/remembered each and every character in the series - they came to life once more.  Sarah's writing makes the characters memorable and I've especially enjoyed these. I read a little each night before going to bed; I rarely have the time to sit and just read as long as I like anymore. I so look forward to picking the story back up each evening. It was so hard to put this down and not read it all the way through at one time.  I found myself from time to time during the day wondering if Arch thought or did this or if  Lillian did that.

This book is perfectly named - each of the lead characters rely on God as their anchor in the storms they weather during the difficult times of WW2. Arch is a wealthy aristocrat who finds solace in a Navy career, until he's been through horrible war situations that have left him with battle fatigue. They called it 'weak nerves' back then and didn't recognize it for what it was - often ending their military career. He ends up falling for his best friend's sister. A beautiful girl who lost part of her leg when she was younger and people look down on her because of it. She went to school and became a pharmacist, then moved to Boston where her brother found her a job at a drug store. While she's working she notices something isn't quite right with the prescriptions being dispensed there. Arch notices that many of his Navy colleagues are also having symptoms of battle fatigue, and some are taking medication that is dulling their senses. They begin putting things they've noticed together, and soon they're both in great danger.  Each has finally found someone who loves them for themselves, just as they are, but they're afraid to take that chance. They both have issues with trust, and push each other away as much as they're drawn to one another. As usual, Sarah has written this so well that you feel you know the characters personally. You don't have to read the previous book, but I highly recommend it as well.  I'm glad that we will have Quintessa and Dan's tale next!

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From Booklist in their May 15 issue:
Following the celebrated Through Waters Deep (2015), Sundin returns to the Boston Navy Yard in the latest installment in her Waves of Freedom series. With riveting doses of intrigue and inspiration, this delightfully unexpected plot is driven by action and balanced by iconic 1940s elements. Readers will be swept up by the novel's chilling dramatic irony, heartwarming charm, and rich naval history as Sundin tells a compelling story of rising above appearances and finding one's true anchor in faith.

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