Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trust Me by Jo Huddleston

From the book's cover: West Virginia, 1960 A mine owner. An elegant lady. Seductive voices that scoff at trust.

Sweet Christian Historical Romance set in the early 1950's. It continues the story of Robby and Julie, who are now married. The story of Julie's father continues as well. Issues of trust are all through the book. Julie's father learns he can trust his managers to run his coal mines while he visits the College town.

Enriching story of Julie and Robbie graduating from college and getting jobs - while Robby goes on to graduate school. Robby was part of a large family of a coal miner and was able to get away and live a different life. He also brings his sister Adriana (after she graduates high school) to live with them in College town. Adriana is newly away from home at her first job and has to learn how to act and who to trust at work. This leads to serious lessons in what lack of love in family life can lead to. 

Julie's father spends more time with the Dean of Women from the college - who had a bad experience as a young girl and is having trouble trusting another man. Strong faith and learning to pray and trust God come into play all throughout the story. An excellent way to spend your time, and you feel good after you've read it!

I was graciously given a copy of this book by the Author and have written my honest opinion. I feel blessed to have been chosen to read and write a review.  Thank you Jo! Jo's blog.