Friday, January 16, 2015

The Bracelet by Dorothy Love

Death, mystery and possible murder. Secrets kept, waiting to be revealed.

This is a highly suspenseful  historical romance set in Savannah, Georgia 1858. It's loosely based on true events about a prominent family from that time. There are two sisters, one who married well, the other married in desperation as a second choice. Both of the sisters died at a young age. This story is about their two daughters, raised together, and how they turned out - one with the love of her father, the other without her father but cared for by her Uncle.  It's best read by adults.

It's a little confusing at first, with a flashback that I honestly forgot about once I got into the book. Both from wealthy families, Celia and Sutton have been best friends since childhood. Celia truly hopes to marry him and that he'll ask now that he's returned after two years away. Ivy is her cousin who came to live with them 15 years ago when she lost her parents.  Celia remembers very little from that time, but a newspaper reporter is trying to dig up the circumstances about Ivy's parents. He's written an article that came out in the paper, but he's sure there's a more sensational story yet to be revealed and is driven to find out all the dirty details at nearly any expense to the girls.

This is a good book that is well written, but still something is missing.  It's well worth the time to read, but it's not one that I'd call a keeper.  It's one of those stories where you're kept in somewhat of a fog until the end.  You almost need to read it to find out what's going on, then go back and re-read so that it makes more sense. There is a very slight Christian message, but it's not central to the story. I like the cover on this book - it helps to set the tone and mood. 

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