Saturday, December 13, 2014

Destiny by Don Brown

Excellent book! This is one of those stories you read that would really make a great movie. One that guys and women both love. It's historical fiction set during WW2, with a message of salvation. There's romance throughout the book, but it's not the frilly kind - it's the real kind. Secrets kept, secrets revealed.

And there's an interesting twist to this one. This is told from more than one perspective. It follows the lives of men from different geographical areas and views of the war - an Englishman, a German and American brothers, how they are pulled into fighting the war and what became of them. Their families are included in the stories; how they cope with the circumstances and all that they face. It goes to England, Scotland, Africa, France, Japan, Germany and America. It also tells of the British invasion in France before Normandy, which I didn't know about. They're all entwined - each has an influence on the other men and their entire families. This was a page turner for me - I had a hard time putting it down.  A strong message of faith and redemption follows through, full circle.

Aptly put from the promo for the book: This much-anticipated prequel to Don Brown's acclaimed Navy Justice series is packed with the ravages of love and war, romance and family, and ultimately the power of faith.

I received this book from Mountainview Books LLC and BookFun in return for my honest opinion.
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