Saturday, October 4, 2014

Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson

Five stars! Enter 1913 rural Kentucky and the lives of several poignant characters. Mazy lives in the mountains but, hopeful for a bright and exciting future, leaves there to go to Lexington and a school to become a secretary. Chanis is the sheriff in her hometown, and fell in love with her sometime back. He's even bought a house and is fixing it up for her as a surprise - right down to the lilac wallpaper that he tries to hang himself. Both from poor but loving families, have a strong Christian faith that is the foundation of their lives and continues to grow as they find their way. Each reach out to people around them, enrich their lives and are in turn helped by others as God works through them all.

Loyal, from a wealthy family, sees Mazy as the solution he and his mother have been searching for. As Mazy goes through trials and becomes swept up by both mother and son, she sees unfolding a life she would love to belong to. But is it really all that it seems?

You get to know and love all of the characters in this book. Luckily there are other books that go with this one so you don't have to leave them all behind. The story pulls at your heart for the rough times that people go through during this time, making do with what they have while trying to build a better way. Tough as it is, everyone has something to give. Their lives are enriched as much by giving as well as letting others help them. Humble gifts of themselves yet more than money could buy. And learning where your true priorities lie.

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